In this technology driven world where everyone is on some sort of social media, what are your thoughts on this?

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I have seen many wedding photographers talk about this subject, but no one put it as nicely as Justin and Mary. I see the pros and cons on both sides.

   As a photographer, I would like to take a picture of wedding guests during the ceremony and being able to see faces and emotion, instead of the backs of i phones. And not stepping on a guest who is standing right over my shoulder to “get the shot” too. 

But it is fun for that instant gratification. To post right on instagram, facebook, and twitter what you are doing, what the bride looks like, and how great the wedding is. I am was so guilty of this too.

Perhaps the bride is not on social media and/or she does not want any photos of herself online without her seeing them first?  Or maybe she does want to see your face at the wedding and not the back of your cell phone.

But then again maybe the bride wants to see all her hard work and planning being posted. Showing guests who could not make it what is happening at the moment. I do love logging into instagram or facebook to see what a bride looks like and what she is wearing on her wedding day. Even though not there, it still makes you feel apart of their special day.

I see all sides and can understand this can be a heated debate. But I am curious on what other’s thoughts are?

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Jo Ann - I truly believe for the wedding church ceremony it should be no phone on, but I think for the reception it is too much to ask your guests to to have their phones off.
on. Parents of ong children need to have their phones on in case of an emergency if nothing else.

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