Hello, Darling! Boudoir. Testimonial

This past boudoir event was amazing. All the woman were so beautiful, and really stepped out of their comfort zone to let their inner vixens shine!
We are always SO grateful when the ladies leave us a review, and even more grateful when they let us show off their gorgeous images! We have started sending a questionnaire after our boudoir session with some Q and A. and below is part of Ms. M’s review and Q and A.  We are so proud of how amazing she did for how nervous she said she was to start. Ms. M’s photos are simply stunning, and something she has every right to be incredibly proud of!

Ms. M’s Review:
  • A. I was so excited to do this not only for my husband, but for myself. I grew a little nervous and anxious in the days leading up to the shoot, not really knowing what to expect, and I simply can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was. From hair and make-up to the actual photo shoot with Gina and Amy, everyone was so nice and welcoming and never made me feel out of place or uncomfortable about myself. There were a couple of good laughs and memories of an experience I will never forget. My husband was more than thrilled with the photos! Not only did he love them, but I did as well. This experience not being only for him, but for me, and making me feel great about myself. This is something I would definitely do again!!
Q. How did you feel before your shoot about doing boudoir?
  • A. Excited and a little nervous
Q. Why did you want to do boudoir?
  • A. For my husband’s 40th birthday
Q. How did you feel during the shoot?
  • A. A little nervous at first, then awesome!
Q. How did you feel after seeing your new photos?
  • A. Very happy
Q. How has your life been transformed by doing a boudoir session?
  • A. I feel more confident about myself in a lot of different ways and now I have these beautiful pictures to remind myself of what an awesome experience this was!


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