Kristen + Mike . Victoria In The Park

Are you ready for an ABSOLUTELY stunning winter wedding?!

Kristen + Mike got married the second weekend of December, the first big snow. It was gorgeous outside, sparkly and white. Exactly how a dreamy winter wedding should be. Kristen and Mike wanted to make sure their friends and family had the times of their lives. With the most amazing dinner and band they could find. It was a wedding no one will ever forget. The love, beauty, and atmosphere were epic.

Being friends with Kristen, I know how gorgeous she is, but her wedding day she took it to a whole new level. She literally took your breath away. You could see it on Mike’s face as her looked at her throughout the night.

Time for you to see for yourself, but don’t you stop looking till you see Kristen’s reception dress and shoes….2014-02-23_00012014-02-23_00022014-02-23_00032014-02-23_00042014-02-23_00052014-02-23_00062014-02-23_00072014-02-23_00082014-02-23_00092014-02-23_00102014-02-23_00112014-02-23_00122014-02-23_00132014-02-23_00142014-02-23_00152014-02-23_00162014-02-23_00172014-02-23_00182014-02-23_00192014-02-23_00202014-02-23_00212014-02-23_00222014-02-23_00232014-02-23_00242014-02-23_00252014-02-23_00262014-02-23_00272014-02-23_00282014-02-23_00292014-02-23_00302014-02-23_00312014-02-23_00322014-02-23_00332014-02-23_00342014-02-23_00352014-02-23_00362014-02-23_00372014-02-23_00382014-02-23_00392014-02-23_00402014-02-23_00412014-02-23_00422014-02-23_00432014-02-23_00442014-02-23_00452014-02-23_00462014-02-23_00472014-02-23_00482014-02-23_00492014-02-23_00502014-02-23_00512014-02-23_00522014-02-23_00532014-02-23_00542014-02-23_00552014-02-23_00562014-02-23_00572014-02-23_00582014-02-23_00592014-02-23_00602014-02-23_00612014-02-23_00622014-02-23_00632014-02-23_00642014-02-23_00652014-02-23_00662014-02-23_00672014-02-23_00682014-02-23_00692014-02-23_00702014-02-23_00712014-02-23_00722014-02-23_00732014-02-23_00742014-02-23_00752014-02-23_00762014-02-23_00772014-02-23_00782014-02-23_00792014-02-23_00802014-02-23_00812014-02-23_00822014-02-23_00832014-02-23_00842014-02-23_00852014-02-23_00862014-02-23_00872014-02-23_00882014-02-23_00892014-02-23_00902014-02-23_00912014-02-23_00922014-02-23_00932014-02-23_00942014-02-23_00952014-02-23_00962014-02-23_00972014-02-23_00982014-02-23_00992014-02-23_01002014-02-23_01012014-02-23_01022014-02-23_01032014-02-23_01042014-02-23_01052014-02-23_01062014-02-23_01072014-02-23_01082014-02-23_01092014-02-23_01102014-02-23_01112014-02-23_01122014-02-23_01132014-02-23_01142014-02-23_01152014-02-23_01162014-02-23_01172014-02-23_01182014-02-23_01192014-02-23_0120

Kristen + Mike, we are honored we got to be their and document your day!

We wish you nothing but your happily ever after, and we love you!!

Gina + Tom


Reception: Victoria in the Park

Band: Maggie Speaks

Florals: ZuZus Petals 

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Hello, Darling! Boudoir . Testimonial

Gah! I keep getting blown away with reading these reviews. Ms. K’s is simply amazing to read, and I am so incredible proud of how she really took in everything this type of photo session is about. I knew she was nervous at the beginning, but when she let herself go, it was nothing short of amazing. Her beauty inside and out just shined. I am thrilled she let us share a few, and her words are perfect.

Ms. K’s beautiful review and photo share:

  • Q. Please leave a review of your experience here or answer the questions below:
    A. I have been a big fan of Gina’s work for some time and have long wanted to do a boudoir session for my husband as a special surprise. A few months ago, when the last event was announced, I booked it and then thought, “Oh my goodness!” I was very excited!

    The whole process was enjoyable, from treating myself to some fun new lingerie, to selecting some inspirational images on Pinterest, and getting all dolled up by the VERY talented girls at Mackenzie’s Hair Parlor (truly felt like a model on a fashion shoot for a bit).

    When go time came and my session began, I was uncharacteristically nervous. Gina and Amy quickly set me at ease, and before I knew it, they were in the midst of capturing and styling gorgeous poses to capture me in the most flattering way. There were certain ideas I had, and Gina took great care to incorporate those, while also guiding me with ideas and her expertise.

    My husband was absolutely blown away by the images Gina captured. He is in LOVE with them and so glad I did this, not just for him, but for myself as well. After two kids and almost 8 years of marriage, he said he is so glad I can see exactly what he sees when he looks at me.

    My body has changed over the years, and as a woman, it is so important to embrace who we are in each stage of life. I look at these images and love how I feel when I see them– curves, confidence and all.

    Thank you, Gina, for this experience. It’s something EVERY woman should treat herself to, without question. Hello, Darling! exceeded my expectations beyond what I thought possible, and I’m truly grateful. I couldn’t imagine having trusted such a personal session to anyone else. 

  • Q. How did you feel before your shoot about doing boudoir?
    A. Excited, but nervous. 
  • Q. Why did you want to do boudoir?
    A. As a surprise for my husband, because I knew he would never expect something like this. Since the moment I met him, he’s made me feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth. Although I had orginally planned it as a surprise, I ended up telling him what I was going to do–but I’m so glad. He actually helped me pick out some session ideas, and I love that he was part of the planning, because they were for him, after all!
  • Q. How did you feel during the shoot?
    A. VERY comfortable. My nerves quickly faded. 
  • Q. How did you feel after seeing your new photos?
    A. Speechless. I have ALWAYS felt a woman’s body is a work of art, regardless of shape or size. We are all unique and lovely, so why not capture it! 
  • Q. How has your life been transformed by doing a boudoir session?
    A. It has really given me a renewed sense of confidence as a woman, physically. Again, after two babies, my body has changed, but I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable in my appearance. I think that comes with age as a woman! And to be able to look back at this beautiful images, to hear my husband continue to tell me how much he loves them and how glad he is that I did this not just for him, but for myself as well, is awesome!


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Hello, Darling! Boudoir . Testimonial

The stunning Ms. S from our January boudoir session has left us a beautiful review, and gave us permission to show her images. She truly looks so amazing in these pics, and even told us she did not want to wash her hair or makeup off after!

Reading her review is so heart warming to us. We are so happy to be able to do this for woman to give them a confidence boost, and pamper them for a day!

Here is Ms. S review

  • Q. How did you feel before your shoot about doing boudoir?
    A. I was excited and nervous. I knew this was a good time in my life to take these pictures, but of course everyone is self conscious about their body. I wanted the pictures to turn out how I had envisioned them in my head. They totally did.
  • Q. Why did you want to do boudoir?
    A. These pictures were mostly for myself. Of course my husband appreciated them too, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but the timing was never quite right. I’m very glad I was able to participate this time around. I’ve worked very hard to have my body, and it’s something that I wanted to capture in a beautiful way. 
  • Q. How did you feel during the shoot?
    A. Gina and her team were absolutely amazing to work with. Each person is very good at what they do, and it really comes across in the pictures. I felt totally comfortable and confident while taking the pictures. It was a very relaxing, comfortable, fun, and professional atmosphere. Gina and Amy are very good at helping with posing, and we had a lot of laughs along the way.
  • Q. How did you feel after seeing your new photos?
    A. I love, love, love seeing my pictures! So did my husband! I was nervous that I was going to look silly, but Gina and her team did a wonderful job during the shoot so the pictures speak for themselves. I had a hard time believing that some of them were me! 
  • Q. How has your life been transformed by doing a boudoir session?
    A. Taking these pictures has made me more confident in myself. I felt very beautiful that day, and it carries over into my daily life.

2014-02-17_00042014-02-17_00052014-02-17_00062014-02-17_00072014-02-17_00082014-02-17_00092014-02-17_00102014-02-17_00112014-02-17_00122014-02-17_00132014-02-17_00142014-02-17_00152014-02-17_00162014-02-17_00172014-02-17_00182014-02-17_00192014-02-17_00202014-02-17_0021Email [email protected] for info and openings for our April boudoir event. 

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Hello, Darling! Boudoir. Testimonial

This past boudoir event was amazing. All the woman were so beautiful, and really stepped out of their comfort zone to let their inner vixens shine!
We are always SO grateful when the ladies leave us a review, and even more grateful when they let us show off their gorgeous images! We have started sending a questionnaire after our boudoir session with some Q and A. and below is part of Ms. M’s review and Q and A.  We are so proud of how amazing she did for how nervous she said she was to start. Ms. M’s photos are simply stunning, and something she has every right to be incredibly proud of!

Ms. M’s Review:
  • A. I was so excited to do this not only for my husband, but for myself. I grew a little nervous and anxious in the days leading up to the shoot, not really knowing what to expect, and I simply can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was. From hair and make-up to the actual photo shoot with Gina and Amy, everyone was so nice and welcoming and never made me feel out of place or uncomfortable about myself. There were a couple of good laughs and memories of an experience I will never forget. My husband was more than thrilled with the photos! Not only did he love them, but I did as well. This experience not being only for him, but for me, and making me feel great about myself. This is something I would definitely do again!!
Q. How did you feel before your shoot about doing boudoir?
  • A. Excited and a little nervous
Q. Why did you want to do boudoir?
  • A. For my husband’s 40th birthday
Q. How did you feel during the shoot?
  • A. A little nervous at first, then awesome!
Q. How did you feel after seeing your new photos?
  • A. Very happy
Q. How has your life been transformed by doing a boudoir session?
  • A. I feel more confident about myself in a lot of different ways and now I have these beautiful pictures to remind myself of what an awesome experience this was!


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