BElieve in YOUrself

I found this pin and immediately thought of myself four years ago. Then I think of the emerging photographers now. I wish I had this printed large above my desk. So I could look up and be reminded every time I got overwhelmed or unsure.

If I had only one thing to tell someone starting out would be exactly this

Believe in Yourself and Be You.


Believe in your talent and creativity. You would not have a desire to be in this business if it wasn’t for that. Have faith that what you are doing is what is meant to be. And do not second guess. Go for those big dreams!

Be you. Be you because you will attract clients like you. And by attracting clients that like you and your style, you will LOVE what you do every minute of every day. So don’t worry about what others are doing around you, be you…and rock it!

I want to work with Brides and Grooms that love Tom + I ‘s style and personality and that we love theirs. I can proudly say that every single one of our couples we would consider friends. We could see ourselves going out and having dinner and a great time with any one of them. They believe in us and in turn we believe in ourselves.

And I leave you with an image of the gorgeous  Stephanie ….come back tomorrow to see Tim + Stephanie’s wedding feature on the blog!

Stay true to you friends and believe in yourself!

So much love,

Tommy + Gina

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Pamela Dennis - Absolutely Gorgeous! Can not wait!

Dana Gammon - Using the gifts and talents God gave you, believing in yourself gives you peace and takes you far

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