Wedding photographer services and creating a portfolio for women

Many couples are looking for professionals to take pictures on one of the most important days in their lives and can’t find them. Below, we list a few services that we offer for your wedding day, the example pictures of brides that we took, and a few tips on how to find a perfect wedding photographer.

Being over ten years in the market, we know how important photos and videos from your wedding are. The days will come and go, but you will still have the pictures of the most romantic day that you lived with your spouse. You will show them to your kids and grandchildren so they could find out how you’ve met and celebrated your wedding. We are those who you are looking for to make these shots. Please take a look at the example of a Moldovan woman's photo at a wedding.

We can make attractive photos of the groom as well. After your preparation for the celebration is done, we will go to the church with you, take pictures of the ceremony, and then proceed to your wedding party to film the warmest moments with your family and friends.

Now that you know what we offer to couples who are about to get married, we’d like to share a few effective tips on how to choose the best photographer for your wedding:

  • Start searching through the word of mouth recommendation. If some of your friends or relatives got married recently, ask for their advice on the photography service provided to them. Take a look at their pictures to understand whether it’s what you’re looking for. If they liked it too, they would give the photographer’s contacts to you;
  • Read reviews online. Just google the photographers in your area to find out who is the most popular and talented. Then, read feedback on the independent review websites to weigh all pros and cons of each photographer;
  • Contact them for an appointment. This is to get acquainted and see what kind of photos they offer. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at this point: no concern of yours should be left omitted;
  • Choose reference photos before the wedding day. To make sure you get the pictures you like the most, search Pinterest and other inspirational websites for photoshoot ideas. If you like the Moldovan Women wedding photos, create a mood board with them, and work on similar postures and smile to make the same photos at your wedding;
  • Feel free to ask for advice. If you have never had a professional photoshoot, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for advice on how to stand and move to look romantic, fun, or elegant in photos. Every experienced photographer can help couples to relax and look natural in pictures.