Summer in Film

Per usual life got really busy this summer and fall. I received some scans back, quickly looked through them, became discouraged, and put the contax away. I did grab a couple of the kids from the beach to put as my profile pic. But there were so many out of focus ones, that I was sad. Great close ups of the kids, that my focus was way off on.

These scans, I was manually focusing. And one small move (hair blowing in face, kids moving/talking) and my picture was soft focus. Including what looked like a great family pic of us on the beach. I should know better than to let someone else try to manually focus a camera when we are all used to our cameras doing it for us.

As I am waiting for a couple wedding galleries to upload (it takes at least 24 hours because we upload the high res files, and yes Vanessa + Elysa, they are your galleries yay!) I went back and looked at the scans. I determined that I am crazy. There are some really beautiful images and wonderful summer memories. And now I am so mad I put that camera away for the entire fall.

Lesson learned. Sometimes we need some distance to see a little more clearly. There is so much beauty in imperfection and memories, and at the time they seemed to be mediocre photos. Now in the dead of winter, they are PERFECT, cherished memories.


2013-12-19_00202013-12-19_00212013-12-19_00222013-12-19_00462013-12-19_00472013-12-19_00482013-12-19_00492013-12-19_00502013-12-19_00512013-12-19_00522013-12-19_00532013-12-19_0054there is a baby in your belly!2013-12-19_00552013-12-19_00562013-12-19_00572013-12-19_00582013-12-19_0059



2013-12-19_00322013-12-19_00332013-12-19_00342013-12-19_00352013-12-19_00362013-12-19_00372013-12-19_00382013-12-19_00392013-12-19_00402013-12-19_0041FRANKFORT SUNDAY MARKET


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