Dora + Phillip

Dora + Phillip had a beautiful and emotional church ceremony followed by taking pictures around the city. Dora + Phillip adore each other so much and are surrounded by an incredible amount of love from friends and family.

Dora + Phillip thank you for having Tom + I a part of your lovely day! We wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

2013-11-22_00012013-11-22_00022013-11-22_00032013-11-22_00042013-11-22_0005the children that were a part of this wedding were so DARN cute!2013-11-22_00062013-11-22_00072013-11-22_0008Phillip did not want to see his bride before the ceremony, so he wore a blindfold on the way there. 2013-11-22_00092013-11-22_00102013-11-22_00112013-11-22_00122013-11-22_00132013-11-22_0014Dora carried a picture of her father with her on her bouquet 2013-11-22_00152013-11-22_00162013-11-22_00172013-11-22_00182013-11-22_00192013-11-22_00202013-11-22_00212013-11-22_00222013-11-22_0023Dora surprised Phillip with a ball and chain on the way out2013-11-22_00242013-11-22_00252013-11-22_00262013-11-22_00272013-11-22_00282013-11-22_00292013-11-22_00302013-11-22_00312013-11-22_0032Dora, you were stunning. 2013-11-22_00332013-11-22_00342013-11-22_00352013-11-22_00362013-11-22_00372013-11-22_0038

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alejandra flores - AMAZING pictures! Dora, you looked sooo gorgeous!

Cecilia Garcia - Absolutely flawless pictures! Love love love them! Definitely captured wonderful memories!

Jack Garcia - Great wedding; Great couple and a Great day! God Bless the Crafts!

Marissa Becerril - Awee Dora the pics are awesome…Que bonita! :)

Emmily - Beautiful!

Deanna Arreguin - These are beautiful pictures!! It looks like onrof the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen!

Maria Galvan - Very nice pictures! You guys look great!

mary witt - May God bless the Crafts!!

Christina Zielinski - You looked beautiful and the day liked perfect!

Montina - Beautiful and I LOVE the dress!!

Gloria Garza - Hey Sis you look amazingly happy, fabulous pictures!

maricella arteaga - I love your pictures! ! You came out so pretty!!!

giovanna - Dora, you look beautiful!!!!! Amazing pictures!! & I loved the picture of your dad on the bouquet!♥

Cynthia Perez - Beautiful pictures Dora!! You look stunning!

Nelly - Absolutely beautiful pictures! The pic of your dad just brought tears to my eyes – awesome idea – May God bless your marriage always!!!

Julio - Looks like you had an amazing day! Great photos to make the memory last forever.

Jessica - You too make a beautiful couple..the pics are amazing love you both!!

Victor Lopez - Awesome pictures and bride. Many blessings team Craft.

Sandra - Great Pictures! I’m so happy for you. I wish you all endless happiness.

Jackie Rodriguez - Oh my God,Dora!!! Absolutely beautiful :-) I just cried a little. No emotion was left out of these pics. Great job to the photographers!!! Congratulations to you both!

Jen - Beautiful pics

Jennifer Lucio - So beautiful……everything looks amazing!

Susana - Such a beautiful bride !! You look amazing and your pictures were so creative and great !! Many blessings !!

Bernice - I can’t explain how I felt seeing these pictures. They are absolutely breathtaking… I love their work..

Letty Rebeles - They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and these pictures truly capture the essence of your special day – LOVE! Thank you for sharing :-)

Lizbet - Love the pics Dora, you look beautiful!!!

Theresa - Absolutely beautiful!!!

Julie - Love them all!!

Margarita Gomez Nunez - Very nice picture. Congratulations!!!!

Carmen Cervantes - Gorgeous , beautiful , wow, amazing, loved them all & you guys looked wonderful wishing you both love & happiness ….!

Blanca - These pictures speak a thousand words and captivated what were clearly some of the most precious moments of that special day. Absolutely beautiful!

Robert - Great photos Mr. &. Mrs. Craft!


Jason - Beautiful!

Tiffany Gahan - STUNNING PHOTOS! Love you!

Tiffany Gahan - STUNNING! Love you!!

Abbigail - Absolutely beautiful! Love them all!!!!!! :)

Sandy Haddad-Bader - Congratulations to the both of you!! The pictures are beautiful!! Wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!!!

James Tripp - Those are beautiful pics, I really love the pic of the ball and chain and the tribute to your father, loved it!!!

maddy - Dora your pictures were so amazing, you were such a beautiful bride, and what touched me the most was the photo of your father on your bouquet of flowers such a wonderful idea. Wishing you nothing but happines!!

Gloria Garza - You look so happy, fabulous pictures!

Chirag - Beautiful bride and lucky groom!!!

raquel - all i can say is STUNNING! such a beautiful family

Rafael - Guys look awesome!!!! Love you guys!!!!

Rodney - Great pictures!!!

Alyson Lloyd - Absolutely gorgeous! You all look AMAZING! What a pretty wedding. Congrats! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Josh Medrano - Awesome pictures! They look amazing!

Jennifer sanders - Great pictures I love them all

Kinsey - I love every picture

sarah - it was very beautiful and amazing outstanding and very emotional day and i loved it all abd BEAUTIFUL DORA

Samantha Robles - I just love all of the memories captured in these photos! You looked amazing! Awesome job!

Mary - Everyone looked beautiful! Congrats!

Oscar - Pictures look great! Congrats!

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