Susan + Jason | Backyard Wedding

Any bride that finds us through Style Me Pretty is our kind of bride. We know her wedding will be lovely, detail orientated, and full of love. Susan + Jason’s wedding was all that and more. Their love for each other is obvious in even a simple glance in each other’s direction. They are simply crazy about each other and this summery day was all about celebrating each other.

Jason made the alter 2013-09-26_00012013-09-26_00022013-09-26_00032013-09-26_00042013-09-26_00052013-09-26_00062013-09-26_00072013-09-26_00082013-09-26_00092013-09-26_0010Loved the maid’s dresses2013-09-26_00112013-09-26_00122013-09-26_00132013-09-26_00142013-09-26_00152013-09-26_00162013-09-26_00172013-09-26_00182013-09-26_00192013-09-26_00202013-09-26_00212013-09-26_00222013-09-26_00232013-09-26_00242013-09-26_0025Susan, you were absolutely gorgeous 2013-09-26_00262013-09-26_00272013-09-26_00282013-09-26_00292013-09-26_00302013-09-26_00312013-09-26_00322013-09-26_00332013-09-26_00342013-09-26_00352013-09-26_00362013-09-26_00372013-09-26_00382013-09-26_00392013-09-26_00402013-09-26_00412013-09-26_00422013-09-26_0043These guys were hilarious. 2013-09-26_00442013-09-26_00452013-09-26_0046Such a pretty bunch of ladies. 2013-09-26_00472013-09-26_0048And of course a handsome bunch of guys2013-09-26_00492013-09-26_0050This car was pure awesomeness 2013-09-26_0051Two  of my favs below!2013-09-26_00522013-09-26_00532013-09-26_00542013-09-26_00552013-09-26_00562013-09-26_00572013-09-26_00582013-09-26_00592013-09-26_00602013-09-26_00612013-09-26_00622013-09-26_00632013-09-26_0064Told, they are crazy about each other… 2013-09-26_00652013-09-26_00662013-09-26_0067Tom’s fav.2013-09-26_0068Ready for some fabulous details? was the photo booth company and they ROCK. A husband and wife team as well!2013-09-26_00812013-09-26_00822013-09-26_00832013-09-26_00842013-09-26_00852013-09-26_00862013-09-26_0088Jason’s mom made the cake2013-09-26_00892013-09-26_00902013-09-26_00912013-09-26_0092Susan + Jason win for some of the best dancing pictures ever! Their friends and family are so much fun.2013-09-26_00932013-09-26_00942013-09-26_00952013-09-26_00962013-09-26_00972013-09-26_00982013-09-26_00992013-09-26_01002013-09-26_01012013-09-26_01022013-09-26_01032013-09-26_01042013-09-26_01052013-09-26_01062013-09-26_01072013-09-26_01082013-09-26_01092013-09-26_0110Okay, so what is happening hear is some sort of bet or maybe Jason’s groomsmen were calling him out. Either way, Jason had to sing the second verse of Ice Ice Baby. Props to the grooms man that sang the first verse by memory and bigger props for giving Jason the lyrics. This had to be one of the most epic moments in wedding history. I was crying laughing so hard. 2013-09-26_01112013-09-26_01122013-09-26_01132013-09-26_01142013-09-26_01152013-09-26_01162013-09-26_01172013-09-26_01182013-09-26_0119Susan and Jason your day was beautiful and the evening was lovely. Tom and I wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

So much love,

Gina + Tom

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Leslie + Mike . Mokena Engagement

The day before Leslie+Mike’s fabulous wedding, we met in Mokena for their mini engagement session.

I am in love with Leslie’s dress! Just wait until you see their wedding photos. They are to die for, we gave you a little sneak peek at the end!

2013-09-23_00532013-09-23_00542013-09-23_00552013-09-23_00562013-09-23_00572013-09-23_00582013-09-23_0059And a little taste of their fabulous wedding


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Marcia Darcy - They look great. Eager for more.

Gail Sturm - What beautiful pictures of our lovely Leslie and handsome Mike! They bring back all the wonderful, warm memories of one of the most magical days of my life. Thank you

Style Me Pretty . Feature

Colleen and Bridget are the creative minds behind DIY Playbook. A blog all about DIY, crafts, antiques and personalizing their homes on the cheap. When they contacted me to photograph Bridget’s home for Style Me Pretty Living, I could not say YES fast enough. I loved hanging out with them Sunday morning and swooning over their projects and the house. I am so excited to guide you over to Style Me Pretty Living to enjoy the images and be as inspired as I was. Then when you are done, head over to their blog to see how you can make these projects your own! Plus they are both bride’s to be, so they have some great wedding inspired projects as well:)

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.12.58 PM

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Betsy + Jonathan | Tasting Room

Betsy + Jonathan’s timeless and gorgeous wedding at The Tasting Room Chicago was a perfect intimate soirée to celebrate their day. The whole day Betsy was just glowing and enjoying every minute with her family and friends. Jonathan was calm and relaxed. It was such a lovely wedding to shoot, and Tom and I just love being around bridal parties who truly are their to celebrate their friend’s love.

so classic and beautifulTheir nephew…how cut is he?!Betsy, seriously. Beautiful, stunning…(really there are no words)i could just eat these flowers girls up!so after all the formal pictures, Betsy and her family asked me to take a picture of St. Therese. I said “of course!” Saint Therese is my confirmation saint and I have a special love for her and all she was about. And Betsy and her mom and sister do too, which gave us a little moment. It was pretty amazing. Saint Therese is pretty amazing. we stopped at Michigan Ave and a tour bus gave the bridal party some encouragement !Tom stopped traffic. Well I think Betsy did, but Tom was there to take a pictureNavy and yellow is the most fabulous color combo, don’t you think?!so in loveTom took this and it is collectively our favorite from the dayhow cool is this cake stand? one side side love, next said is, third said sweet, and fourth had their wedding date.Love how everyone gathered around for their toasts. made the moment so much more special and close. gah, LOVE IT!don’t mind if we do…they were having so much fun! and Betsy’s sorority girls had some sort of thing they did around Jonathan. I have no idea what is was but I think Jonathan was accepted or initiated into something!

Thank you Jonathan and Betsy for an amazing day and the honor of documenting the story of your wedding day. It was truly lovely. We hope you enjoy these images and memories for years to come!

So much love to you both and your happily ever after.

Gina + Tom

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MacKenzie Hair Parlor . Vendor Spotlight

Right down the street from the studio, my good friend Carolyn has opened a fabulous boutique salon. You have to stop in to see it. Luxurious products, quirky decor, welcoming vibe, and the best hair and makeup artists around. For bridal parties, the salon closes, so you and your bridal entourage have the place to yourselves while your prep and beautify for your day. I have found myself in there numerous times, just to hang out. Listening to the music and drinking my coffee.

Make you appointment to fresh up your color and cut, reserve the salon for your bridal party, or get your hair and makeup done for your engagement or family photo session!

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