Jennifer + Michael . Lincoln Park Engagement

We planned on meeting at the carousel and as I was walking up I thought to myself “I wonder if they would do jump on it for some photos?” After we said our hellos, Jennifer blurted out “Should we take some photos on the carousel?” Um, YES! Jennifer and Michael are our type of people. Fun, totally in love, and willing to try whatever for a great photo. I loved every second I spent with them, and I am now even more excited for their wedding next July!2013-10-06_00192013-10-06_00202013-10-06_00212013-10-06_00222013-10-06_00232013-10-06_00242013-10-06_00252013-10-06_00262013-10-06_00272013-10-06_00282013-10-06_00292013-10-06_00302013-10-06_00312013-10-06_00322013-10-06_0033I am crazy about this picture of Jennifer! She is glowing and looks like a movie star! 2013-10-06_00342013-10-06_00352013-10-06_00362013-10-06_00372013-10-06_00382013-10-06_00392013-10-06_00402013-10-06_00412013-10-06_00422013-10-06_00432013-10-06_00442013-10-06_00452013-10-06_0046Gah! Love these last few too!

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Angela Harmon - The most beautiful couple in the world took the most amazing engagement pictures!! Love is in the air! I love you both!!

Alison + Ryan . South Loop Engagement

Hey Ladies, want your fiancé to be excited about engagement pics?! Make sure to include a stop at one of his favorite places. Soldier Field for example;)Ryan told me as we were taking pictures there “these will be my favorite pictures no matter what.”Ellwood also hung out with us for a bit to make sure he got to be apart of the photos before Alison’s friend picked him up. I have to say that I have never seen a dog so sad to leave! It broke my heart.

Alison + Ryan are such a fun couple and Tom and I can not wait for their wedding in May.

2013-10-06_0001Alison has an amazingly beautiful smile!

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Chicago Wedding Photographer | Gina Cristine PhotographyAlison + Ryan | Museum of Contemporary Art » Gina Cristine Photography - […] Ryan proposed on a cold, wintery evening when Alison was returning home after a long day at work. She had just gotten off of the city bus, and when she opened the front door — all wind blown and cold — there was Ryan on one knee looking up at her, with ring in hand. They quickly packed up their things (they had a big trip scheduled in the morning) and went out to celebrate with friends. The next morning after a long evening of celebration, they overslept and almost missed their flight to Puerto Rico! You can see Alison + Ryan’s engagement session at Soldier Field here. […]

Bonnie + Jeff

Bonnie, Jeff, + Maizy (insert awwww here) came to visit me at the studio for their mini engagement session. Even though Maizy the puppy is oh so cute, Bonnie still stole the show on this one. She looked so fabulous, and her hair! Who doesn’t want that hair?! Jeff + Bonnie are obviously crazy in love and I can not wait to photograph their 2014 wedding!2013-10-02_00012013-10-02_00022013-10-02_00032013-10-02_00042013-10-02_00052013-10-02_0006

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Julie + Mark . Riverside Banquets in Geneva

Julie + Mark’s wedding took place on the most beautiful August Saturday. Julie and Mark chose to see each other before to give us plenty of time for gorgeous photos and their guests a seamless entry from ceremony to cocktail hour. I loved how fun the entire bridal party was, they had all kinds of moves.

2013-09-27_00012013-09-27_00022013-09-27_00032013-09-27_00042013-09-27_00052013-09-27_00062013-09-27_00072013-09-27_00082013-09-27_00092013-09-27_00102013-09-27_00112013-09-27_0012So incredibly gorgeous! 2013-09-27_00132013-09-27_00142013-09-27_00152013-09-27_00162013-09-27_00172013-09-27_00182013-09-27_00192013-09-27_00202013-09-27_00212013-09-27_00222013-09-27_00232013-09-27_0024The color of the dresses is so pretty on all of the girls and especially with all the greenery 2013-09-27_00252013-09-27_00262013-09-27_00272013-09-27_00282013-09-27_00292013-09-27_00302013-09-27_00312013-09-27_00322013-09-27_00332013-09-27_00342013-09-27_00352013-09-27_00362013-09-27_00372013-09-27_00382013-09-27_0039Julie + Mark are such a cute couple, not only are they crazy in love, but you can see they are also best friends. 2013-09-27_00402013-09-27_00412013-09-27_00422013-09-27_00432013-09-27_00442013-09-27_00452013-09-27_00462013-09-27_00472013-09-27_00482013-09-27_00492013-09-27_00502013-09-27_00512013-09-27_00522013-09-27_00532013-09-27_00542013-09-27_00552013-09-27_00562013-09-27_00572013-09-27_00582013-09-27_0059And of course the light was glowing after2013-09-27_00602013-09-27_00612013-09-27_00622013-09-27_00632013-09-27_00642013-09-27_00652013-09-27_00662013-09-27_00672013-09-27_00682013-09-27_00692013-09-27_00712013-09-27_00722013-09-27_00732013-09-27_00742013-09-27_00752013-09-27_00762013-09-27_00772013-09-27_00782013-09-27_00792013-09-27_0080Congrats Julie + Mark! We wish you nothing but a happily ever after.

So much love,

Gina and Tom

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Amy Grace Coghill - What a spectacular day. The photos are amazing. Gina and Tom you made the shoot so fun. Thank you for making their memories last with all these great photos.

Cate - Beautiful pics, gorgeous couple, awesome day! Congrats Julie & Mark!