We Wish You A Marry New Year!

What an amazing year it has been, and Tom and I feel so blessed to have worked with all these amazing couples!

Here is a slideshow of all of the 2013 newlyweds!



All of our brides were so gorgeous, I just had to dedicate a part for them. All so timeless and lovely in their own style.


And Tom and I try our best to get in a photo with the couple at the end of the night.


We wish everyone a year full of love and happiness!


Tommy + Gina

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Elysa + Paul . CD & Me

I met Paul a while back ( I used to cut his hair). We have been in touch via Facebook and through mutual friends. One day i received a Facebook message asking about wedding photos. I was so excited for him and could not wait to meet his bride to be.

Elysa is just the sweetest and most gorgeous person inside and out. She cares so much for the people around her. Elysa + Paul are really perfect for each other. They have so much fun together and enjoy so much of all same activities.

Their wedding day was perfect in so many ways. The weather, the energy around, the personalized decor, and all the love.

I am so glad I am a photographer because these pictures can do all the talking of how beautiful this day was…
2013-12-22_01032013-12-22_01042013-12-22_0105their theme was wine, I just love the wine stains on their invite2013-12-22_01062013-12-22_01072013-12-22_01082013-12-22_01092013-12-22_01102013-12-22_01112013-12-22_0112these flowers were PERFECTION2013-12-22_01132013-12-22_01142013-12-22_01152013-12-22_01162013-12-22_01172013-12-22_01182013-12-22_01192013-12-22_01202013-12-22_01212013-12-22_01222013-12-22_01232013-12-22_01242013-12-22_01252013-12-22_0126Seriously?! Elysa, you are STUNNING2013-12-22_01272013-12-22_01282013-12-22_01292013-12-22_01302013-12-22_01312013-12-22_01322013-12-22_01332013-12-22_01342013-12-22_0135We loved the guys suits! So sharp2013-12-22_01362013-12-22_0137a couple kept riding by with these vintage bikes. we had to ask if we could borrow them for a shot. they happily obliged! thanks again to that sweet couple!2013-12-22_01382013-12-22_0139I have a friend who lives in downtown Frankfort with the cutest tree swing. So we stopped by there too! Thanks Paula!2013-12-22_01402013-12-22_01412013-12-22_01422013-12-22_01432013-12-22_0144SOOO in love2013-12-22_01452013-12-22_01462013-12-22_01472013-12-22_01482013-12-22_01492013-12-22_01502013-12-22_01512013-12-22_01522013-12-22_0153Loved their alternative to a guest book 2013-12-22_0154Elysa made the table numbers herself!2013-12-22_01552013-12-22_01562013-12-22_01572013-12-22_01582013-12-22_01592013-12-22_01602013-12-22_01612013-12-22_01622013-12-22_01632013-12-22_01642013-12-22_01652013-12-22_01662013-12-22_01672013-12-22_01682013-12-22_01692013-12-22_01702013-12-22_01712013-12-22_01722013-12-22_01732013-12-22_01742013-12-22_01752013-12-22_01762013-12-22_01772013-12-22_0178Thanks again Elysa + Paul for the amazing day and getting to be a part of your wedding! We are so honored!

We wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

So much love,

Gina + Tom 2013-12-22_0179

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Tony Siano - One of the best set of wedding pictures I have ever seen. Spectacular job Gina Cristine Photography!

Stephanie prill - Thank you Elysa and Paul for letting me part of your wonderful day!! I am truly blessed to be one of your best friends ! You looked absolutely beautiful on your day and these pictures prove that you are :)

Hailee Tsurusaki - Cutest couple ever!!!!! <3

Sara Peterson - Gorgeous! Wish I could have been there!

Wendy Hornburg - Great photos and a great job by the photographers!!

Drew Korosic - The wedding pictures are incredible!!!! Couldn’t be happier for my sister and brother in law!!!!! Love you both!!!

Beth Korosic - Those are the best wedding pictures ever. You two did an outstanding job!! Thank you for making my daughters wedding day all that much more special! I would recommend you to anyone!!!

Jaime Tsurusaki - Gorgeous pictures!! Wonderful job!

Kelli - Seriously breathtaking pictures!

Autum Korosic - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t be more honored to have been apart of your special day! I love you both! :)

Vanessa + Anthony . Independence Grove

I could not wait for Vanessa + Anthony’s wedding. After their engagement session (here) and hearing all about Vanessa’s DIY projects, I knew it was going to be beautiful and a good time. Driving to the wedding Tom and I were watching storm clouds roll in and out, and listening to the threats. We knew there would be a good chance it would rain at the time of Vanessa + Anthony’s ceremony.

When we got to the hotel, Vanessa was so relaxed. She officially received the bride with the best attitude ever award. Vanessa looked outside and shrugged while she said, it is what it is. She was marrying the love of her life and no storm or rain would effect that.  And the tone was set for a perfect day.

Vanessa + Anthony are two incredibly kind and warm people. Their family and friends were just the same. Everyone was smiling and hugging all day. Numerous times I would look over at Vanessa + Anthony, and they would be just looking at each other, or talking, in their own little world. As if there  wasn’t 200 people starring at them. Totally in love, completely taking in the day, and celebrating what a wedding day is really and only all about…two people’s love for each other.

2013-12-22_00012013-12-22_00022013-12-22_00032013-12-22_00042013-12-22_0006Vanessa’s crazy talented sister made her “shoes”2013-12-22_0007Seriously, how amazing are these florals? 2013-12-22_00082013-12-22_00092013-12-22_00102013-12-22_00112013-12-22_00122013-12-22_00132013-12-22_00142013-12-22_00152013-12-22_00162013-12-22_00172013-12-22_00182013-12-22_00192013-12-22_00202013-12-22_00212013-12-22_00222013-12-22_00232013-12-22_00242013-12-22_00252013-12-22_00262013-12-22_00272013-12-22_00282013-12-22_00292013-12-22_00302013-12-22_00312013-12-22_00322013-12-22_00332013-12-22_0034At the exact moment of their first look, it started pouring like I have never seen before. So we improvised and found a covered gazebo to use. 2013-12-22_00352013-12-22_00362013-12-22_00372013-12-22_00382013-12-22_00392013-12-22_00402013-12-22_00412013-12-22_00422013-12-22_00432013-12-22_00442013-12-22_00452013-12-22_00462013-12-22_00472013-12-22_00482013-12-22_00492013-12-22_00502013-12-22_00512013-12-22_00522013-12-22_00532013-12-22_00542013-12-22_00552013-12-22_00562013-12-22_00572013-12-22_00582013-12-22_00592013-12-22_00602013-12-22_00612013-12-22_00622013-12-22_00632013-12-22_00642013-12-22_00652013-12-22_00662013-12-22_00672013-12-22_00682013-12-22_00692013-12-22_00702013-12-22_00712013-12-22_00722013-12-22_00732013-12-22_00742013-12-22_00752013-12-22_00762013-12-22_00772013-12-22_00782013-12-22_00792013-12-22_00802013-12-22_00812013-12-22_00822013-12-22_00832013-12-22_00842013-12-22_00852013-12-22_00862013-12-22_00872013-12-22_00882013-12-22_00892013-12-22_00902013-12-22_00912013-12-22_00922013-12-22_00932013-12-22_00942013-12-22_00952013-12-22_00962013-12-22_00972013-12-22_00982013-12-22_00992013-12-22_01002013-12-22_0101Vanessa + Anthony, you are such amazing people. Tom and I are so honored to have met you and to have documented your day.

We wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

Much Love,

Gina + Tom2013-12-22_0102

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Nick Fiorito - Who’s the best man? His speech was awesome! Great pics!

Stefanie - Great pictures!!

Nicole - Love these pictures!!

Peggy Georgalas - Seriously? These are the best pics of a beautiful couple! It was a wonderful wedding!

Jack Fiorito - These pictures are amazing and will give us great joy to see for the rest of our lives and will be passed on to our children and their children as well.

Angela Peters - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! Even the torrential rains didn’t matter……your love for each other is captured in these photos. Love you both, M.

Carol - The pictures are great. We love you both. Love Aunt Carol and Uncle Chuck.

Summer in Film

Per usual life got really busy this summer and fall. I received some scans back, quickly looked through them, became discouraged, and put the contax away. I did grab a couple of the kids from the beach to put as my profile pic. But there were so many out of focus ones, that I was sad. Great close ups of the kids, that my focus was way off on.

These scans, I was manually focusing. And one small move (hair blowing in face, kids moving/talking) and my picture was soft focus. Including what looked like a great family pic of us on the beach. I should know better than to let someone else try to manually focus a camera when we are all used to our cameras doing it for us.

As I am waiting for a couple wedding galleries to upload (it takes at least 24 hours because we upload the high res files, and yes Vanessa + Elysa, they are your galleries yay!) I went back and looked at the scans. I determined that I am crazy. There are some really beautiful images and wonderful summer memories. And now I am so mad I put that camera away for the entire fall.

Lesson learned. Sometimes we need some distance to see a little more clearly. There is so much beauty in imperfection and memories, and at the time they seemed to be mediocre photos. Now in the dead of winter, they are PERFECT, cherished memories.


2013-12-19_00202013-12-19_00212013-12-19_00222013-12-19_00462013-12-19_00472013-12-19_00482013-12-19_00492013-12-19_00502013-12-19_00512013-12-19_00522013-12-19_00532013-12-19_0054there is a baby in your belly!2013-12-19_00552013-12-19_00562013-12-19_00572013-12-19_00582013-12-19_0059



2013-12-19_00322013-12-19_00332013-12-19_00342013-12-19_00352013-12-19_00362013-12-19_00372013-12-19_00382013-12-19_00392013-12-19_00402013-12-19_0041FRANKFORT SUNDAY MARKET


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Good Cheer to you and yours!

Merry Christmas, with love, The Sandrzyk family!

We hope you are enjoying the season as newlyweds or celebrating for your upcoming  wedding year!


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Jack Fiorito - You guys did a exceptional job and they are probably the best wedding pictures that I have ever seen. Keep doing what you do and you will lift many hearts and touch many people with this amazing package that you put together. I kept asking, “where are the pictures” and now I know why. Definetely worth the wait. I hope you keep doing this, you guys did an awesome job!
Sincerely, Jack Fiorito