Amanda + Imed | Patrick Haley Mansion

Amanda + Imed  met at the Air Force Academy. They have been traveling the world together, and used those experiences fused with both of their cultures, to design their perfect wedding. Every little detail was so beautifully thought out.

Amanda and Imed are such a kind hearted couple, who truly love their families so so much.

Amanda + Imed Thanks you for having us apart of your beautiful wedding. We wish you nothing but your happily ever after!

So much love!

Gina + Tom

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Amanda Rebhi - The pictures are amazing Gina! The wedding was such a blur and I am so glad you were able to capture the memories!!

Mom - What stunning photographs of such a beautiful couple!!

Brittany Rozema - Amazing photos. What a beautiful wedding and what fantastic shots that captures the love between two people.

Samantha Teague - Beautiful photos! Congratulations, you two! It looks like your wedding day was a beautiful start to years of wonderful love and happiness together :)

Teresa Erickson - Beautiful photos, Karen. Thank you for sharing. Looks like an amazing wedding!

Dad - These photos are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-!!

afef - soooooooo nice i like soo much

foufa - i like all the beautiful

chekib - amazing photos, great happiness and good luck

Joe maielli - Pictures are great.

Erika - These pictures are beautiful! Brian, thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful couple!

Haikel Ben Farhat - Soooooo Beautiful pic ! Congratulations !

awatef - what great pictures

boustangi rym - awesooooooooooooooome!!!
all the photos are beautiful !
congratulations :))))

sinda - very nice !

Eya - so cute , congratulations <3

Imed - Thank you Gina and Tom for capturing all the memories of our big day!

nounou - beautiful photos.congratulations

Aunt Therese - OMG….Beautiful couple make beautiful pictures….

S.A. - These pictures are lovely <3

Ursula - Beautiful photos!

lorren - Had a blast! Such a beautiful couple. And gorgeous pictures

Anne - Absolutely gorgeous!

Joe Halpin - Had a great time! Congrats again!

Ryan - Great pictures cuz

Uncle Pat - Had a great time at the wedding and the pictures are fabulous…

Mr. Jacks - Happy wife makes happy life and she looks really happy!!

Aunt Debbie - Absolutely beautiful pictures with wonderful memories.

mariem abdellaoui - verry nice

Haikel - Wunderschön !

Nawres - a wonderful wedding.a lovely couple

T.C.M. - Our office staff loves these pictures! You had a gorgeous wedding!

dhya - amazing photos, great happiness and good luck

mariem abdellaoui - congratulations :)

narimen - wonderful photos !!!!

Joe Johnson - Looks beautiful! These came out so good!!

Jusef - Everyone loves these pics!

Nancy Novak - Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple! Congratulations!

caitlin - whoop whoop! get it gurl!

caitlin - jeeze i wish i could have been there… everything is just so breathtakingly beautiful

caitlin - i love the henna and the tunisian cookies…

caitlin - gabe and i are trying to figure out some honduran influences to use in ours as well!

David Lam - Congrats to both of you again!

hazar - great couple <3 <3

zizou - amazing pictures, ma7leeeeeeeeeeeeeekom w ma7la zinkom ya3tek douda mandita et omda :* :* :*

saida hamdi - you are adorable :*

rayen hamdi - wonderful photos

rourou - very nice :)

dali - lovely pair

Micha - so beautiful pictures

louka - sooo cute

ahmed - i hope you a happy life

Khansa - Had a great time

Yamnoucha - tres belles photos :*

Mido - waaaaaaaaw great

ahmado - what a nice pair !

khouloud - such a great couple ! have a wonderful life :*

basma sallemi - a pretty bride and a handsome groom :)

molka - you are adorable ;)

ahmed - congratulation

yassine - you are cute

Nancy K - What a great wedding and such a great couple!

Tammy Johnson - Beautiful pictures!!!

Kim Karlin - great pictures! I had such a fun time at the wedding!

Ken Wilkas - Great wedding. Had a ball.

nizar - i hope that you have a great life full of hapiness

marwa - congratulation for both of you

Laila - we wish you a good luck for your life

karim - you are awesome :)

kais - very nice pictures

Fedi - you are adorable

Michael Roche - Such a fun wedding!!!

Nancy - Beautiful wedding beautiful pics

Buddy - Wish I was there! Pics look fun!

Mary Ketchmark - Great pictures, lovely setting. Beautiful day.

Brandon Tattoo - awesome pictures!!!!

Terri Wolfe - Had a great time at your wedding. Love the pictures. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

choubaka - lovely pair, great pictures

Kristen - Wow. What a beautiful ceremony. The photography is out of this world! Doesn’t hurt to have such good looking subjects;)) you two are SUCH a gorgeous couple. Very happy for you both <3

Rashaunah - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing seeing Amanda completely blossom right in front of my eyes these past 8 years! ♥

Sofia Hadjeri - What beautiful colors and such a cute couple. Blessings!

zarrouk marwa - rabi yhannikommm nchlahhh w l3a9ba l afef w awateff ;)

Molly Mellinger - What beautiful pictures! Praying you two get to be together soon and always-it’s a tough life but you are a tough lady! Let us know if yall are ever in Dover and need a place to crash.

Jason Groller - Such a great wedding and great pictures. So happy you got married Amanda.

Michelle - :)

Connie - I had such a great time!!!!

Megan - Beautiful pictures!!

Colleen - Such a wonderful wedding

Wayne Groller - Very wonderful wedding with beautiful photos!

Lynn Groller - Simply lovely wedding and the photos capture the moment.

Wayne Jeffrey - Excellent Wedding – Excellent Photos!!!

Leonarda Binondo - This was the most beautiful wedding ever! The photos are simply breath taking.

Jeffrey Andrew - Loved the wedding! Send me those photos Karen.

Lynn Aquilles - This had to be the most amazing wedding!

Lynn - Simply beautiful wedding and the photos do it justice!

Uncle Wayne - Poor Uncle Wayne never got a dance with Amanda!

Duchess - What a wonderful time! Best wishes to both of you!

Megan S. - Congratulations:)

Andrew - Great pictures!

Karen - Congratulations to both of you.

Dana Skedel - Beautiful pics!!

Megan B. - What a lovely wedding!

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