About Us

Hey there!

We are Tommy & Gina. Married for 8 years (April 23rd 2005) and pretty sure Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer was written for us.

We love love and even more we love that we have become friends with our brides and grooms.

If you have looked at our work and love what you see, check out some of our favorite things here.

If you love family, friends, a good time, a fabulous glass of wine, checking out a new restaurant, travel, the Chicago Blackhawks, listening to a great band live (country, Blues, Lumineers), , Apples to Apples, a funky piece of furniture, The Real Housewives (Gina), Duck Dynasty (Tom), and a summer night then we are already a perfect match.

If you feel like we are your kind of peeps….drop of a line! We would love to meet you and hear all about your day or better yet…your wedding day!

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